Closing arguments presented for double homicide trial in Frederick County, Maryland Court


Attorneys for the State, and for Defendant Delajhi Joyner both presented closing arguments on Wednesday in Frederick County Court.

Officials say Joyner is facing two counts of first degree murder for allegedly stabbing and running over victims, Shondre Jannelle Brown Naylor, 36, and Jermaine Langley Hill Jr., 19, with a car on November 2, 2017 after an alleged altercation on Acacia Court in Frederick.

“Obviously they were stabbed in the neck, each one of them, they were stabbed by the Defendant. The medical examiner was clear about that,” said Frederick County States Attorney, Charlie Smith.

During the closing remarks on Wednesday, DNA evidence, crime scene footage and autopsy photos were shown to the jury, while the defense said that Joyner acted in self defense, and was drunk at the time of the incident.

“They’re arguing that he was attacked, he was not the attacker and that some how when he ran over them he merely though it was a rough ride or something and he didn’t know he was riding over two people at the time…we obviously don’t believe that we don;t think the jury will either… I think they just are going to have to vet out the whole self defense thing and whether or not he was highly intoxicated or not,” said Smith.

The State’s Attorney on the other hand, said it was not self defense, and Joyner should be held accountable.

“All along we’ve been advancing our case and that is quite frankly that he stabbed them out of anger, and ran over them twice out of anger over a cell phone dispute basically,” Smith said.

Jurors were sent into deliberation late Wednesday morning  to review evidence and exhibits..

“It’s really tough to determine how long they will deliberate,  it’s not a complicated case, quite frankly. It was a condensed time frame and we have a lot of witnesses, but they all basically say the same things so it’s not complicated scientific evidence,” said Smith.

If convicted, the State’s Attorney says each count of first degree murder carries a life sentence in the state of Maryland.

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