City of Rockville brings multi-million dollar, mixed-use development to downtown area


The City of Rockville breaks ground on building a multi-million dollar, mixed-use development in their downtown area.

What used to be just a parking lot will soon be a new place of attraction for Downtown Rockville. City of Rockville Mayor Bridget Newton said, “I think this project is going to be super. The partnership with HOC; 150 units of affordable housing for seniors.”

The 19,000 square foot project broke ground for a new residential building and space for retail. Officials say this comes after two years of planning which is now set to boost their economy.

“It’s brought a lot of opportunities here for dining and small businesses. Rockville is home to a lot of small businesses. We love our small businesses. It’s our independence,” Mayor Newton stated.

The Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County purchased the land that will also be a home to adults with special needs. On the other side, city officials say this project will help advance the city’s reputation for developing into an urban center that attracts more millennials.

“They want to be downtown, where they can walk to where they want to eat, where they want to shop,” said Redi Executive Director Cindy Stewart. “They don’t have to get in their car, so it’s exciting that we have this as an opportunity for a lifestyle for people.”

The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

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