Catching up with WDVM’s “Remarkable Women” winner, Paula Moore


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The amazing and awe inspiring educator from the Washington County Public School System. She’s intelligent, poised, and witty and she’s WDVM’s Remarkable Woman of the year, Paula Moore.

Moore was one of hundreds of women from across the county who were selected to join a live studio audience at the Mel Robbins Show in New York City. It’s an honor Paula can’t believe she won.

“I just didn’t believe that I did something remarkable, that other woman do in their daily lives, in trying to be mom’s and wives, and daughters, and trying to balance work,” said Moore. “I think women are remarkable, and we just need to look to each other and lift each other up.”

This “Remarkable Women” tittle comes as a surprise to Moore, but it’s one that her friends and family say she is so deserving of.

“We are so proud of Paula for making this achievement,” said Erin Anderson. “She is beyond deserving of this recognition.”

“To have an opportunity to work with someone as remarkable as Paula Moore is, she is a wonderful boss, a wonderful teacher, and a wonderful mother, and it is truly a pleasure to know her and call her my friend.” said longtime colleague Georgine Rabenold.

Paula Moore is known for setting the bar high and her gold standard reaches from the classroom to her home.

“My wife is a remarkable person,” said husband Doug Moore. “I know she doesn’t feel that she’s a remarkable woman, but as an outsider, kind of observing, I think she’s whatever adjective explains beyond remarkable.”

And her children echo those same sentiments as well.

“My mom is my inspiration in life,” says daughter Lauren Moore. “She’s really taught me how to just handle life in general with grace, but she’s also opened my entire world view, to how people should treat others with compassion and be so caring. She’s inspired me for my future career about how I want to treat people that i work with, because she’s just so dedicated and so loving.”

“She treats everyone with so much respect,” says daughter Kelsey Moore. “She treats them better than she treats herself sometimes, which is kind of sad, but she’s a really great person, and if I grow up to be half the woman that she is, I’ll consider myself lucky.”

Skilled in her craft, Paula creates a ripple effect, that’s changing helping to change the world.

“People say I can’t change the world, and we can argue that, but I think we can all change our little corner of it our little portion of it, and it’s truly amazing what that little ripple does with the affect of one person onto another person.” said Doug Moore.

Someone once said, “leadership is first being, then doing “. In essence Paula Moore; a wife, mother, and leader has always been nothing short of remarkable.

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