Candidates for attorney general square-off in Maryland Municipal League Conference

The fall conference was held before hundreds of local officials

ANNAPOLIS, Md - Candidates who are trying to earn your vote for the Maryland Attorney General's job laid out their platforms at the Maryland municipal league Friday afternoon.

The incumbent, democrat Brian Frosh emphasized his success in the position he's held the last four years, including filing multiple lawsuits against the Trump Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

"We have had to protect Marylanders from the actions that the Trump administration has taken...And we have sued to protect the Affordable Care Act. We have sued Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education," explained Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh.

But republican opponent, Craig Wolf attacked frosh for exactly that, a focus he insists is too fixed on national issues, and not state legal cases to fight crimes like gang violence.

"We are in a war against violence across this state. I think the attorney general of Maryland should represent the state of Maryland and be in the state of Maryland. When we have all these problems that's where you focus should be, not in Washington D.C," argued candidate for attorney general, Craig Wolf.

A Gonzales Research and Media Services poll released Wednesday shows Frosh leading with 42 percent of voters leaning his way. The poll's data has Wolf at 34 percent.

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