Around $16 million of speeding ticket revenue is from Montgomery County

According to AAA, speeding cameras in Montgomery County bring in around $16 million in revenue. That’s more than any other county in Maryland, and AAA’s research says that 1/3 of those receiving the ticket are only going a mile over the speed limit.
” I am unsurprised, they are everywhere. A lot of cameras,” says Evan Timberlake a Montgomery County driver who has over 20 speeding tickets. “It’s definitely frustrating when that light goes off.”
The light goes off and a 40 dollar ticket gets mailed to your house, but where does all the money from these tickets go?
“I hate tickets just as much as anyone,” says Rockville Mayor Bridget Newton, ” but the money, we use that money for good. In the state of Maryland, we are required to use it for pedestrian safety.”
Pedestrian safety such as building sidewalks, and safe roads to name a few, Newton added. She told WDVM she had come from a transportation meeting and thought that perhaps investing money into a better metro system for Montgomery County was needed since people speed because of traffic jams.
She said that some of the speeding ticket money could be used for the Montgomery County Metro and plans to introduce that idea in her next meeting.
“That would be really great,” Timberlake said in response to Newton’s metro plan. “The metro is terrible, I don’t even think I could get to Germantown from here. It would save me a headache.”
A few tips to keep in mind to save everyone who could get a speeding ticket a headache is watch signs around schools, know that some areas could easily go from 50 mph to 30, and if you are on the highway using cruise control could help. 


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