Animal shelter spotlights longest resident cat


The 5-year-old cat, Emmy, celebrated a full year at the shelter.

NEW MARKET, Md (WDVM) — The Frederick County Animal Shelter is spotlighting its longest cat resident as she completes a milestone in residency.

Balloons and banners are strung up inside the K.A.T. Cafe to celebrate Emmy. On Thursday, the feline completes 365 days as a resident with the county shelter.

“A lot of people might say well that’s such a sad thing, why do you want to celebrate that? But really what we’re celebrating is how far Emmy has come in that last year,” explained humane education with the county animal shelter, Bethany Davidson.

The full-year marks one of the longest stays of any cat in the shelter and Davidson says it’s within that time that the 5-year-old feline has faced her fears and become less of a “scaredy-cat.”

“There were times when she was so scared that she didn’t even want to eat. People would have to sit with her and encourage her to eat and try different foods,” Davidson recalled, “Now she lives at the K.A.T Cafe where visitors come all day every day and that’s a dramatic transformation for her.”

10 months into her stay at the shelter, Emmy was transferred to the K.A.T. Café in New Market to help her get more face time with visitors and have the space to roam and show her personality.

“She’s really an easy lady. Sleeping is her favorite. We always joke that she pretends to sleep so people won’t bother her,” described Diane Foland, owner of the K.A.T. Café.

Cats at the animal shelter generally get adopted between 50 and 60 days.

“There are cats and just animals in general that get adopted very quickly, there’s just something about them. And then there are other ones who we can’t figure out why, they have everything people are looking for,” said Davidson.

Emmy has hung around much longer, but not for reasons you might think.

“You can’t just assume that they’re mean or that they’re sick or that there’s something wrong. She’s just a quiet lady,” Foland said.  

At least four other cats have called the shelter home for more than 200 days waiting for their perfect companion.

“We do not have time limits for our animals so we’re going to be there and support them for as long as they need to find their forever home,” said Davidson.

Staff at the K.A.T. Café says Emmy would do best with older owners who live in a quieter environment. For more information, visit or

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