Activists counter-protest “We Back Blue” rally


FREDERICK, Md (WDVM) – Ideas clashed Saturday morning in front of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office when activists counter-protested a “We Back Blue” rally.

The mostly un-masked group of rally attendees gathered to hear speakers and show support for local law enforcement.

“We don’t need police reform,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said. “We need society to reform how they respect police.”

counter-protesters meanwhile held signs, honked horns, chanted and called on Jenkins, asking why he and other attendees weren’t complying with state regulations by wearing face masks.

We’re here to makes sure that our voices are heard,” Executive Director of Frederick United Krisitn Lundy said. “And that it’s not forgotten or muddled with everything going on.”

Lundy says she and other protesters support police but “backing the blue” is detracting from the original conversation about racial inequity and police brutality.

“We’re talking about the oppression in black and brown communities, we’re talking about all the stuff that happens to them,” Lundy said. “[Police] already have a huge backing and support. Nobody questions whether or not their lives matter, yet my life and other people that look like me is always in question.”

Former congressional candidate Tim Fazenbaker spoke at the event and said he doesn’t believe there is an issue of oppression caused by police.

“There will be times maybe for riots when you are completely oppressed, but this is not in a situation where people are oppressed,” Fazenbaker said. “This is more of a projection where you feel certain ways and you’re going to project that onto the police community or America.”

As the rally continued, deputies had to occasionally step in to break up several heated arguments between attendees and counter-protesters.

Frederick is not the only location for these events as “We Back Blue” rallies are being scheduled throughout the nation.

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