A new bill would require landlords to have working AC in every unit


The Montgomery Council is scheduled to vote later this month

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — The Montgomery County Council is working on a bill to require air conditioning for all rental units in the county.

Councilman Tom Hucker wrote the bill to require all landlords to provide and maintain air conditioning service for rental housing in the county. Officials say many residents who rent affordable housing units, in which buildings are often much older, do not have access to consistent air conditioning. The bill requires the landlord to pay a fine of 5 hundred dollars if they don’t comply with the proposed law.

“We require landlords to provide heat, but no requirement for air conditioning because our housing code was written before climate change became a life-threatening issue,” said Tom Hucker, Montgomery County councilmember.

The vote for the bill is scheduled later this month.

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