A cold shoulder from the FDA doesn’t stop Montgomery County man from opening Cryotherapy studio


The FDA recently released a statement saying that they can’t confirm that what Cryotherapy does, can actually benefit those who use it.

“So what they came out and said was basically what we all knew; is that Cryotherapy is not FDA approved. It could be seen by the average consumer as a negative, however a lot of the things that we consume and work with in our everyday life are not FDA approved like some vitamins, and supplements,” said Thrive CryoStudio Founder, Brandon Yu. 

Yu says Cryotherapy helped with his tendonitis, and that’s what motivated him to open Thrive CryoStudio in Rockville just last week.

“After I got out I felt great, I was energized, my pain was alleviated; although temporary because it’s not a quick fix,” added Yu.

Brandon says it’s been popular in other countries like Japan, and Russia. He says that athletes have been using it in the U.S. for the past 10 years.

“We’ve seen and heard a lot of testimonials about how the Cryotherapy has helped elevate pain and inflammation especially for those who have chronic back pain shoulder pain, elbow pain tendentious, along with arthritis, “said Yu.

Liquid nitrogen is vaporized, and turned into nitrogen gas. Everyone who enters the Cryotherapy machine has their head elevated above so they can breathe, while their body is fully submerged in the chilling chamber for no more than three minutes because the temperature inside drops to about negative 220 to 240 degrees.

“With the reaction that you have at negative 240 your body reacts differently. Your body actually draws all of your blood from the pillories into you eternal organs. It’s a fight or flight response and what that does is it flushes your blood through your heart, liver, and kidneys and enriches it with red blood cells; enzymes and nutrients,” added Yu.

Miguel Carrillo, who finished a session says his sore pains were gone right after.

“It felt cool, toward the tail end you could feel the bite of the cold but outside of that on a day where it’s 100 degrees it felt refreshing,” added Carrillo.

Brandon says although Cryotherapy doesn’t cure, it does help with the pain.

A session for first timers at Thrive CryoStudio is about $40.00. To learn more about Thrive Cryostudio, click the link below:


To read what the FDA says about cryotherapy, click the link below:


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