A chef serves brunch to recognize LGBTQ community members

Rain fell heavily on streets and buildings of Silver Spring from morning to afternoon on Sunday, but that didn’t stop people from going to Pride brunch and greeting a special guest.
She’s Danielle Harris, a queer chef who made it a point to recognize Pride weekend with this brunch.
The smell of food- bacon, cheese, and more- filled the Silver Branch Brewing Company. There was a happy buzz combined with a drink buzz setting the scene for this LQBTQ brunch. Some said the star of it all, was Chef Harris. “The food is really amazing, really,” said diner Monica Schorm. Harris took the compliments in stride and said cuisine was her life.
From shadowing a chef in Chicago, to having her own catering company in DC called DMH & company, she’s now offering Montgomery County a taste. “I get to celebrate the month of Pride which is different from Downtown DC,” says Harris. “It’s kind of a new part that I haven’t to been.” 
Harris’ partner, Helen McDonald, said the chef’s food also tells a story. Today’s story was the comfort LGBTQ community felt at this brunch with comfort food. Also, how the taste of Harris’ food was explosive and resembled most vibrant, explosive personalities found Sunday at Silver Branch Brewing Company.
McDonald said her partner had laid out food options and mixed different flavors to show how LGBTQ people liked to live. “It’s like being able to explore all these different facets of yourself,” said McDonald,” Even if your sandwich looks different than my sandwich, this could still be great.”
And it wasn’t just sandwiches grabbing attention said diner Schorm. “It’s a rainy gross Sunday and hot quiche, warm strawberry shortcake, that’s really all you could ask for.”
Chef Harris said she was happy she decided to cook for Silver Spring residents and hopes she can do it again, all with PRIDE in mind.

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