12-year-old boy helps ensure his family stays warm this winter


Aiden submitted his family on behalf of the Give of Warmth program to receive a brand new heating system

MONROVIA, Md (WDVM) — A local 12-year-old boy helped ensure that he and his family would be warm this winter.

“When I received the call that we were gifted an HVAC, I really thought it was a scam. I literally did,” explained Monrovia homeowner, Dana Banks.

The call Banks received wasn’t a ploy for money or a scam, but instead, the chance to completely replace the 11-year-old heating system in their home that hasn’t worked since July.

“We’ve been making do. We had fans running and then when it got cold, my husband decided to use the kerosene heater. The kids were complaining that it was smelly. I said just put on extra clothes, blankets, what have you,” Banks said.

BGE HOME partnered with United Way of Frederick County for the Gift of Warmth program. The organizations put a call out for applications to receive a free heating system, and out of the dozens, one letter stood out from the rest.

“This one, in particular, was so heart-wrenching really because a 12-year-old boy wrote us, telling us about his mom and dad who needed help and were too humble to ask for it,” said Amanda Holk with United Way of Frederick County.

Banks’ 12-year-old son, Aiden, logged online and wrote an application to the program about the family’s situation.

In his letter, Aiden wrote in part: “My dad survived cancer…and retired early to take care of my grandfather who has Alzheimer’s disease. It has been very sad at our house because we don’t have money to replace the HVAC. I went online and found this application… so I hope maybe it will reach God.”

“I was just blown away because Aiden is very humble,” Banks said, “he’s a boy of few words.”

A team put in two days of work into setting up the new $10,000 heating system, all free of charge.

“To be part of this is something special, to turn around and help a family that gives back to the community and to people and had a lot of hardships, to have something given to them like that they actually need is really good,” said senior installer with BGE HOME, Omar Andrawros.

“This is a blessing. It truly, truly is and we couldn’t be more appreciative,” said Banks.

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