How to protect pipes from freezing during the cold weather


With the constant change in weather, water pipes can end-up freezing and then bursting, and that would be a costly fix.

But Larry and Son Plumbing Company tell us there are some simple ways to avoid pipes from freezing.

One trick is to keep your faucet running when it’s really cold.

They also recommend opening cabinet doors where pipes are, so that air can circulate through.

The company also recommends keeping your thermostat set to a minimum of 55 degrees, even if you’re away for several days.

One homeowner learned the hard way when her pipes burst last year.

“We had left our faucet on outside, causing it to [freeze and] bust. That caused water damage in our basement, and they (plumbers) needed to come and install an emergency shut-off,” Angie Crowder, a local homeowner, said.

Plumbers tell us to make sure hoses are disconnected from outside faucets, just to be safe.

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