How Mac’s Roller Rink survived, and later thrived, through the COVID-19 pandemic


FRONT ROYAL, Va. (WDVM) – “I remember, writing the last check out of my savings for the business.” said Taylor Lynch, as he recalls the toughest moments he’s had to face during this pandemic, trying to keep his business alive.

His business, is a well-known local roller rink; called Mac’s Roller Rink, that was handed down to Taylor and his wife, Madeilyn. The couple had purchased the business, which was already running then, through Madeilyn’s father, Raymond Heflin.

“I think it was their way of congratulating us on our new journey, our new relationship.” said Taylor, “Our marriage, and giving us a foundation to start with. And what more valuable of a gift to give your child, your daughter, right? – Than something that they can build a foundation on.”

It’s a foundation, that brought them from North Carolina, to Virginia.

“Within a few weeks of being here, we quickly found out that we made the right decision. We met the people here, they were great. We loved it. The community has been great for us here.” said Taylor.

That community, has been a saving grace; in this pandemic. Not only did Taylor have to write off the last of his savings, but he’s also had to fire longtime staff members, and let go of volunteers who have helped keep the business running.

“I’ve walked through neighborhoods, and put flyers through mailboxes. I’ve taped discounts to peoples’ front doors. I’ve done it all.” said Taylor, when he spoke about his own effort that helped revitalize interest in the business.

The same interest, that sparked an outpour of support; both financially, and emotionally.

“I have hand written letters that came to my mailbox, with checks in them – people that came here when they were kids – and they’re in their 70s now.” said Taylor. “It really came down to the community flooding back in here, with support for us.”

Right now, Taylor, and Mac’s, are coming up through the debris caused by the early storm during the pandemic. With a moment to reflect, he carries with him the messages of people that wrote him those letters, leaving with a final note.

“That’s money that they worked hard for, and they seen fit in their hearts to let us have it, and for that I say thank you”

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