History of Winchester to be told with help of Shenandoah students


One Artifact at a time

WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM) — To celebrate the 275th anniversary of the founding of Winchester, Virginia, Shenandoah University students are working on telling the city’s story in a book.

The book will be published by the Winchester-Frederick county historical society and co-edited by Shenandoah’s McCormick Civil War Institute. History will be told through short explorations of 50 artifacts. Students have a hand in choosing the artifacts, capturing them, and writing short essays explaining their importance and connection to Winchester’s history.

“Like the artifacts themselves time moves on people are born people die but the objects that are left behind they remain, they tell a very powerful story they provide a tangible connection to the past,” Jonathan Noyalas of Shenandoah’s Mccormick Civil War Institute director says.

“I hope they find a particular artifact that they particularly like or enjoy and they decide to research it more and they decide to go to the place where it is and visit it and sort of become obsessed with it like I do when research and go to the archives, because the possibilities there are endless,” Jessica Kronenwetter of Shenandoah University says.

The book’s release will be in mid-October and will be celebrated during a special event on campus, with some of the artifacts available for viewing at the event.

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