Historic firehouse owner granted more than $300,000 for renovations

The Junior Number 3 Firehouse has stood on North Potomac Street for centuries, and with state funding, the owners can preserve the building with renovations.
The Junior Number 3 Firehouse walks a person from one century to the next, reflecting on the transformation from the late-1800’s to the early-1900’s.
“This used to be an infirmary back in the Civil War. It was literally a hospital that they brought in wounded soldiers. People died here, and they took their last breaths here after fighting for this country. That’s amazing. That’s a lot of power in one building,” Sallay Matu Bangora said, who is leasing the property through Sisters W Style Beauty Gallery. 
Because of its historic significance, the Board of Public Works approved a $312,000 loan for renovations to Doug Carroll, who has owned the property since 2006, while Sisters With Style has been leasing a portion of the building for almost ten years.
“He is absolutely an amazing landlord [and] an amazing man. He’s a family man, and he is very understanding. There isn’t a thing that we’ve asked of him that he hasn’t given to us, so whatever the city is giving him, he deserves it,” Matu Bangora said.
According to Maryland Board of Public Works, the owner plans to use the loan to turn the firehouse’s second floor into an event space.
“That’s great. We do hair down here. Why not? He’s kind of going to renovate it, remodel it a little bit [and] make it look fresh, so it’s not looking all run-down. It is a little run-down right now. It’s very old. It’s been here since the 1800’s,” Matu Bangora said.

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