Heart attack survivor is reunited with the person who saved her life


SANDY SPRING, Md. (WDVM)– It was a touching moment as one mother reunited with the former firefighter who saved her life. The two were reunited at an event that teaches the very same techniques that saved her life.

Hundreds of people in sandy springs came out to a free community event to learn life-saving techniques; but for one mother, it was more than just a class.

” I truly believe if the AED machine wasn’t there I wouldn’t have survived and wouldn’t be here today, said Manny Wong, mother and heart attack survivor.

Wong was at her son’s basketball game when she went into cardiac arrest, fortunately former firefighter Jeremy Gruber was there and used his CPR and defibrillator, or AED, training to save her life.

“My son and her son are on the team together and when I was at the game I heard somebody say call 911 and I looked to my side and saw Manny having seizure-like activity and went over to investigate what was going and determined that she was in cardiac arrest and we were able to get the a-e-d at the school and use it on her,” said Gruber

Thanks to Gruber and his life-saving techniques, wong was able to make a full recovery. Now Gruber is teaching others these techniques and says it’s a big challenge getting an AED on sight, which is why it is highly important to know what to do in critical moments like in wong’s case.

“The typical time to get an a-e-d on sight for public safety for ems or fire is typically about 8 to 10 minutes and you lose about 80% of chance of fixing the problem, as opposed AED on sight in the school, or the building or the gym or pool where you have the ability to use it within a couple of minutes and your chances of survival increases to 80%,” said Gruber.

Right now, it is required by law to have AED’s in high schools and middle schools but not elementary schools. According to officials, Montgomery County will be one of the last jurisdictions in the state to put them in all schools.

“Thinking back to that night it’s shocking that it’s not in elementary schools especially at that age.. my daughter was in 5th grade, she was in elementary school at the time of the incident, so if this had happened at her elementary school I probably would not be here today,” said Gruber.

According to data, 90% of people who experience sudden cardiac arrest die prior to reaching a hospital or medical care facility.

Rescue One offers individual and team CPR and AED training every week. To find out more information on how you can learn life-saving techniques visit rescue-one.com.

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