Greencastle woman finds art in bed pans


Dating back to the 1790s, this beautiful brick house has been a favorite stop on the Greencastle Home Christmas Tour.

In line with its vintage appeal, antique collections of birds and Noah’s Arcs are strewn throughout Jan Eppleman’s home, but there’s one collection in particular that’s turning heads.

“Those are my bed pans,” Eppleman said, pointing to refurbished bed pans of all colors, shapes and sizes.

She admits there’s a comical side to it; in fact, she said it started as a joke when she got her first bed pan at an auction.

“As I was going around to different antique shops, as long as you look low on the ground, you can find bed pans, and that’s when I started to find really interesting ones,” Eppleman said.

Collecting is no piddling matter for Eppleman.

She’s reached nearly 80 bed pans, with some valued at more than $100, but she said it’s time to flush the royal thrones on.

“I would like to kind of get rid of some of the things,” Eppleman said. “I do have a granddaughter that would like to have my bed pans. I have no idea what she’s going to do with the things.”

So, WDVM’s Emilie Ikeda asked granddaughter, Jan Ikeda, this very question. 

“Well, I actually have thought about this a lot; mounting them to a wall in a large bathroom. I feel like Gaby and I have a similar interest in our art form,” answered Jan. 

So, what do you think? Is there an artful aspect in bed pans?

We’ll let you decide.

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