Governor Hogan and his cabinet visit Hagerstown


Governor Larry Hogan is spending the next three days in western Maryland, touring facilities, talking to residents and seeing first hand the community he serves.

“They felt like they were not being heard and that no one was paying attention to the areas out here,” said Hogan. “We promised that the areas that felt neglected would no longer feel that way.”

Hogan said he was able to keep that promise when he personally made a visit, along with his entire cabinet, to Hagerstown.

In front of a crowd filled with students, residents and politicians, cabinet members told the crowd how Washington County is improving, from economic development to transportation and jobs.

“The next three days are going to be spent talking to local people and seeing how we can help improve things here in western Maryland, create more jobs and help people with the issues they have,” said Hogan.

Local residents said they appreciate the legislation coming to them.

“It was very exciting to see the governor here in Hagerstown,” said Mark Young, local resident. “I was overwhelmed with all the people and all the information that I received.”

The meeting also included recognizing local residents for their contributions to the community..

Local legislation made it a priority to let the governor know more about the downtown revitalization project and the need for $12 million in funding from the state.

“It’s a wonderful, worthwhile project and we already had meetings about it,” said Hogan. “We are going to try to do what we can to play our part in helping both Hagerstown, Washington County and the local business community make this become a reality.”

Instead of just hearing about it, the governor got to see it first hand by visiting students at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, touring downtown and visiting local restaurants.

“When you can walk by the governor, for him to know your name and position, that is important to us to be recognized and to know that, in his mind, he knows Washington County is here,” said Jeff Cline, Washington County Commissioner.

The tour of western Maryland continues throughout the weekend in Allegany and Garrett Counties.

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