Girl with Down syndrome wins prom queen at Clear Spring High School

Last weekend, Clear Spring High School celebrated their senior prom. During the event, one student had a special win as prom queen.
Abby Angles has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her from staying active and being one of the school’s most popular students.
“I’ve been here since I was a freshman. I like it here, but I’m a senior now, and I got to get out of here and leave,” Angles said.
But she won’t hit the road until prom, graduation and all the festivities that come with wrapping up high school commence.
She took home one of the biggest honors a high school student can receive: prom queen.
“I had Abby as my prom queen, and that was the most special part for me, because I know everyone was voting for her. I knew she was going to be so happy and look so good up on that stage with a tiara,” Jared Caudell, prom king, said.
The prom king and queen did give us a little piece of the action. She said one of her favorite parts of the night was, “Seeing my friends [and] slow dancing with Jared.” 
Students couldn’t agree more with the win.
“I was so excited for her, because I knew how much and how humble she would be once she got it. I was so excited. I started to cry, and I was just so grateful she was able to have that moment,” Gretchen Stenger, Abby’s friend, said.
“Here is Abby, one of our star students at Clear Spring, and she got nominated for prom queen. I’m really proud of Clear Spring to have put Abby and given her that moment in her life,” Lisa Weller, friend and senior, said.
After graduation, Abby plans to attend Hagerstown Community College.
“I’m going to miss her so much because I love seeing her face in the hallways. She’s always smiling and says hi to everybody. I know I will get the texts and the snapchats too and always have that nice conversation with her,” Amanda Keelan, junior, said.
“I just hope that Abby does so well in college, because I know she did so great in high school. She’s done so many great things, and she’ll just keep doing amazing [things] in this world,” Caudell said.

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