Gaithersburg conducts pavement evaluation with high-tech van


It’s the source of a lot of frustration for drivers…

“Honestly, I’ve had to replace my tires and brakes because of the roads,” said Scott Dworsak, Gaithersburg resident.  “They’ve been so bad.”

But the City of Gaithersburg is looking to improve its road quality, with something that looks like it belongs in space.

Enterprise Information Solutions sends out a van to determine something called, the Pavement Condition Index.

“It’s a standard number from zero to 100,” said John Terry, GIS technician.  “100 being a road that was freshly paved, and zero is a road that basically deteriorated to a dirt road.”

For the first time in Gaithersburg, this van is surveying the city’s 93 miles of roadway.

The van uses a variety of technology, including five cameras, two lasers, and two IRIs, which measure how bumpy the road is.

“Basically [the DMI] sends a signal every 25 feet to take pictures and also for the laser to work too,” said Terry.

John says it’s much more efficient than using just the human eye to find cracks and holes.

“Once we determine the Pavement Control Index, we give recommendations to the city of which roads to fix and how to fix them,” said Terry.

And after evaluating Washington D.C. roads, the technicians say Gaithersburg doesn’t seem so bad.

“I rode a moped out here and the ride was real smooth,” said Allen Wade, Prince George’s County resident.  “When I ride my moped in PG County, it’s a bumpy ride.  I hit pot holes and everything.”

The technicians expect to complete traversing Gaithersburg by Wednesday. 

Then, after Enterprise Information Solutions finishes analyzing the data collected, it will make recommendations to the city.

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