Fully handicap accessible playground coming to Byron Memorial Park

A town in Washington County is adding new playground equipment to its park to accommodate children with special needs.
Williamsport’s Byron Memorial Park will add new handicap accessible playground equipment and a cement path which are both 100 percent compliant with the Americans with Disability Act. 
“I think it’s going to enhance our park and increase our visitation a lot. I really do think that. With everything we have going on in town with the park service and with our parks, we definitely are becoming a destination area,” Williamsport Mayor Bill Green said.
According to the Maryland Board of Public Works, the Town of Williamsport was approved for more than $200,000 through Program Open Space.
The mayor said this new playground will be exclusive to the state as well as Washington County.
“You don’t get a chance to meet everybody or know every family and what their needs are, but by doing things like this, all of a sudden, you can meet these people, and you are introduced to them,” Mayor Green said.
These swings are handicap accessible, but the town feels that adding even more handicap accessible equipment will only bring out more families.
“I think this will be a good project for them to all come around together, so they can do the same things and interact with each other,” Samanthan Whitman, a Byron Memorial Park visitor, said.
The community is looking forward to it coming to light.
“I can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be great,” Whitman said.
Officials expect to put the plan into action by Spring of 2018.

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