Frederick County health officials ask for public’s health in identifying health needs


Health officials say they are trying to improve health care resources throughout Frederick County, which they plan to accomplish since the 2016 community health assessment is finalized with data taken from residents.

“I think that everyone would agree that Frederick County it is a good place to work, live and play but we also know that everybody is not able to enjoy the same level of health and wellness,” said Health Officer Barbara Brookmyer, M.D.

Chronic diseases, mortality rates, mental health and substance abuse are all things health officials are tracking.

“Good public health begins with taking a look at what is the health of the population and the issues and it all begins with data and this community health assessment provides data which is the first step in the health improvement process,” said Dr. Broomyer.

For the first time this year, Frederick Memorial Hospital and the Frederick County Health Department collaborated together to identify community needs. 

Leaders at Frederick Memorial Hospital say prevention is better than cure.

“Rather than having people get sick and come to the hospital we’re really trying to prevent that and figure out to keep them healthy and go out to the community and bring our services to them so we can give them the tools that they need to prevent,” said

Director of Cardiovascular Services Kristen Fletcher.

The next step is prioritizing health needs which leaders say can’t happen without residents so they’re scheduling public hearings for community input.

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