Frederick County Health Department holds rabies vaccination clinic


In animals, rabies is preventable by vaccination or reduced exposure to unvaccinated animals.

“Rabies is not only contagious to animals, but also to people,” said Dr. Brooks Ahalt with the Jefferson Veterinary Hospital.

For Dr. Brooks, he has experience in dealing with rabies in animals.

“Vaccinations are very important, especially for rabies, but for other diseases as well as that could affect your animals,” said Dr. Brooks.

So, Dr. Brooks is helping protect household animals with the Frederick County Health Department as they held a rabies vaccination clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets.

“I know it is also good for him just incase anything would ever happen to him and want to make sure that he is protected and that anybody else would be too,” said one participant at the rabies vaccination clinic, Katelyn Wade.

According to officials with the Frederick County Health Department, there have been 10 animals reported with rabies in 2017, so far.

“We keep our pets vaccinated. We make a nice safe barrier for our families when we have them vaccinated,” said Laura Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer is a licensed environmental health specialist at the Frederick County Health Department

Out of those 10, two were household animals, cats

“Anytime we have cats that test positive, we often time have a lot of people in the family that were potentially exposed,” said Pfeiffer.

Rabies vaccinations can cost a heavy buck, but the health department helps cut the cost at just $8 per vaccination. 

With a line full of people with their friendly pets, people are not only protecting their furry pets, themselves, but the community too.

“Where we live there is always raccoons and possums. You never know. We do it to keep them safe,” said another participant at the rabies vaccination clinic, Kathy Manahen,

In 2016, Frederick County, Md., had over 30 animals testing positive for rabies.

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