Frederick County community reacts to Great Frederick Fair incident


Some Frederick County residents believe the teens deserve harsher punishment

On Friday, it was a normal day at the annual Great Frederick Fair before chaos occurred. Officials say two teen brothers asked 59-year-old John Weed for a dollar, which led to an argument. The 15 and 16-year-old attacked Weed knocking him unconscious, later resulting in his death.

“My initial reaction was very sorry for the family who lost their family, who lost their loved one. A gentleman died at the fairgrounds and there’s people who lost their loved ones, said Kevin Caldwell,” a Brunswich resident.

Both teens were sent to juvenile court and face assault charges. Charlie Smith, the Frederick County State’s Attorney, says the 16-year-old could possibly face manslaughter charges. Some Frederick County residents believe the teens should be charged as adults.

“When you do adult actions and you have adult repercussions, so when you fight and you knock someone down, you’re going to get the repercussions of an adult. You’re 15 or 16 you’re allowed to drive, you’re allowed to do so much, you have to face the consequences,” said Marie Fischer, a Brunswick resident.

Smith, the Frederick County State’s Attorney, is discussing adding additional charges. And the big question is should the teens be tried as juveniles or adults?

“There’s a whole list of criteria and I would assume that the state’s attorney’s office, I would assume Mr. smith and his office will look at those criteria and make a determination based upon those criteria,” said Willie Mahone, Frederick County NAACP president.

Some of those Frederick County residents say it’s tragic for both sides in the case.

“It’s a double tragedy, You can’t bring a life back, what happens to this life, said Stephen Barrett, a Union Bridge resident.

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