Fourth of July fireworks in Rockville brings thousands to watch


Police presence was there to ensure the safety of everyone

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WDVM)–The Fourth of July welcomes people with lively music, fireworks and some rain.

Mattie JT. Stepanek Park in Rockville, Maryland held a massive crowd risking the weather to see fireworks and celebrate America’s Independence Day. The Rockville Police were there to make sure everyone was safe during the event. Two attendees, one adult and a little boy, Sam Newman and Liam, said they prepared for the weather and were hoping the fireworks would be worth it.

“What’s the best part of the fourth of July?” asked Newman who was holding the young kid in his arms. The young boy, Liam, responded after a second or so, “The fireworks… but I don’t know if they are going to be very long or short.”

Newman told WDVM that the reason he brought Liam to Mattie JT. Stepanek Park, was because every other firework show in the area hadn’t been able to cut it in previous years.

Newman and Liam joined thousands of others during the event for fireworks and hoped the traffic was not too bad afterward. The Rockville Police mentioned that traffic would be heavy and delays are expected.

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