Fourth of July can be dangerous for pets


It’s a day of celebration for many, but for pets, the Fourth of July can be scary. T’S A DAY OF  BUSIEST DAYS OF THE YEAR.

“You’ll notice panting, pacing, salivating, trembling,” said Emily Rogell of the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic.
Emergency animal clinics in Montgomery County were very busy today, as Fourth of July celebrations can pose a danger for pets. 
“If your dog is crate trained, it’s a great time to put them in their crate and let them get comfortable,” said Rogell. 
Loud noises like fireworks can cause pets to run. According to, animal control officials will take in 30 to 60% more pets between July 4 and July 6. 
“If you can, if you know your pet is anxious, stay home with them. They do a lot better with us around, but definitely keep them inside at least an hour before and after the fireworks because they can smell it in the air,” said Rogell. 
Veterinarians warn that fierworks can cause physical danger to pets aside from the emotional stress. 
“Like with kids, we do see firework injuries. Bottle rockets can hit them and impale them. We unfortunately see that every year,” said Rogell. 
By keeping a close eye on your pet and making sure they feel calm, you can help keep them safe this Independence Day. 
Vets also remind pet owners to keep a collar on their pet with a phone number and address. 

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