Five-cent-tax on plastic bags


ARLINGTON, V.a (WDVM) — Governor Northam signed a plastic bag tax into law back in April but one county’s board is showing interest in implementing the tax in January 2021.

During Arlington County Board’s Saturday meeting, County Manager Mark Schwartz showed interest in implementing the tax. He couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Arlington County residents share differing opinions about the potential tax.

“Well I think it’s really important to help out the environment. I think it would be a shame to hurt grocers and consumers during a pandemic” said Katherine Miller.

Miller said she typically shops with reusable bags, but the stores she goes to are asking her not to use her own bags. Another resident, Dan Degagne has ran into the same issue.

 “It’s become more difficult because they don’t allow you to use reusable bags at some stores. But what I’ve personally found is that those stores typically offer a cardboard option or a paper bag option which I think is perfectly fine” said Dan Degagne.  

Both Miller and Degagne are optimistic about the environmental impact, but some of our viewers on Facebook strongly oppose the potential bag tax.

So far, 85% say there shouldn’t be a tax on plastic bags.

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