Fishing and hunting license discounts available for Purple Heart veterans

The Department of Natural Resources announced Purple Heart veterans will receive a discount on fishing and hunting licenses in the State of Maryland.
Thousands of American soldiers have stepped up to the frontline fighting for this country, many earning a Purple Heart for leaving the battlefield with injuries and sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice.
“[It’s] quite an experience. I lost quite a bit of my buddies in combat which took me a while to get over that,” Jack Myers, World War II veteran, said.
With many using fishing as a way to cope.
“It’s extremely important, especially if they’ve had, especially with someone who’s had post traumatic stress, any of that stuff. It’s a way to kind of detach from those thoughts, kind of put yourself into the woods and just relax,” James Harris, Owner, Beaver Creek Fly Shop.
As of July 1, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced Purple Heart veterans will qualify for a 50 percent discount on fishing and hunting licenses when presenting official documentation.
“Anything that we can do for the veterans that gave so much, even the ultimate sacrifice, we should do,” Myers said.
The regular cost for an in-state fishing license is $20, plus stamps costs, while a full season hunting license is about $25, plus the cost of stamps.
The department said they are proud to provide this discount. Some local veterans appreciate the discount, while others said half off is not enough.
“They deserve any benefit that’s possible for the sacrifices they’ve made for us because of the sacrifices they’ve made allows us to be able to fish and do what we want. They should either be $2.50, $5 or free,” Harris said.
Fishing licenses last a year from the date of purchase.
Active duty members stationed in the State of Maryland can attain a free fishing license while active members stationed out of the state have to pay a fee.

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