First Enterprise Zone certification awarded to local brewery


A small business in Frederick County, Maryland, has an opportunity to be a part of a tax incentive program to help revamp their small town.

“I really want to encourage other people to come and start more businesses. I need more businesses in town,” said owner of Smoketown Brewing Station, David Blackmon.

On Tuesday, Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick, Md., was the first business in Frederick County to receive the first enterprise zone certification.

“It is always important to get that first business to lead the way to make the difference, but it is really all about revitalization,” said Frederick County Executive, Jan Gardner.

The red doors and brick walls originally were an old fire station that was turned into a brewery, which will soon go under a renovation on the second floor to revamp Brunswick history.

“Many famous players: Patsy Cline, Duke Ellington, Roy Clark, Bob Seger, same upstairs. It is a great space and we need to bring that history back and start another history,” continued Blackmon.

With this new certification, Blackmon is able to undertake additional financial risk which will help his business succeed and grow for the new venue called, “Cannon.”

“He wants to bring that theme back, open up for social events, wedding receptions, and things like that,” said Mayor of Brunswick, Jeffrey Snoots. “So, everything that he sinks into this building would up his taxes, but he would get a tax break.”

With Smoketown Brewing Station taking the first step, Blackmon hopes this will be a key to other businesses to get involved in revitalizing the city of Brunswick.

“It really rewards people who are doing things to revitalize downtown’s,” said Councilmember Jerry Donald, who represents District 1 on the Frederick County Council. “We have downtown’s that are distressed in other parts of the county. Brunswick is really coming back.”

The new venue for Smoketown Brewing Station is set to open in the fall of this year.

The Brunswick Enterprise Zone was established to bring property and/or income tax credits to eligible companies “to invest a minimum of $25,000 in capital outlay or create at least one full-time position paying 150 percent of federal minimum wage for a period of at least six months.”

There is still time for businesses to get involved. Click here for more information.

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