Fire Department could lose paid staff over memorandum dispute


The Hedgesville Fire Department could lose paid staff over a memorandum dispute with county council.

HEDGESVILLE, WV. (WDVM)–Hedgesville Fire Department could lose their paid staff come Monday over a memorandum dispute with the county council.

The memorandum is an agreement created between the county council and the fire department outlining procedures and protocols for the fire department to follow.

The dispute started when Hedgesville requested to have paid staff work on holidays. The county council did not agree. The county council says that the memorandum was too lengthy and redundant. The fire department says everything outlined in the memorandum is necessary to avoid future issues amongst staff. The county council wrote their own memorandum without the fire department’s input and is now forcing them to sign at the cost of losing paid staff.

“We want the staffing here. We need the help. But we can’t be strong-armed at the same time and threatened,” Mike Nichols Deputy Chief of Hedgesville Fire Department.

The fire department had until five o’clock Friday evening to sign the county council’s memorandum. They said they did not sign.

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