Fairfax County celebrates farmers market week


HERNDON Va. (WDVM) — This week is National Farmers Market Week, recognized by the Farmers Market Coalition.

Farmers markets look a little different this year due to Covid-19 regulations, but they are still open serving the community.

Caution tape, masks, and hand sanitizer, now a new norm vendors are getting used to. These regulations have been implemented in every market to keep vendors and customers safe.

“A lot of people have worked to make the markets as safe as they can, make sure everyone’s wearing masks, providing hand sanitizer, and so I know that makes all of the vendors feel safe and I think it makes customers feel safer too” said Emilee Steen, a vendor from Family of Nuts.

Vendors said they expected business to be slower but have been proven otherwise with large turnouts.  

“It’s starting to pick up now, it used to be really slow when it started and you know, we still have our faithful regulars and a lot of vendors still have their regulars that still come despite the virus” said Steen.

The big difference this year has been the dynamic between vendors and customers.

“I think the customers have still been coming out but it’s harder for them because we have to pick out the product for them. They like picking out their own fruits, I don’t blame them” said Tonya Griest, a vendor from McCleaf’s Market.

Customers are not allowed to touch the produce and are required to stand back from the caution tape separating them from the vendors.

One vendor, Madison Andrews, tells me this change has had a positive impact on business.

“It’s a good thing for us though because we get to interact with the customers more, whereas someone on register someone bagging everything” said Andrews.

Vendors from all over Virginia and surrounding states participate in weekly markets. Farmer’s markets are open Wednesday through Sunday across Fairfax County.

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