Fairfax City serves as lab to teach students financial reporting


A team of students from North Carolina State University are celebrating their achievements, after winning the 2017 Government Case Challenge sponsored by the Association of Government Accountants.

Six college teams from universities across the United States submitted entries of the Citizen Centric Report, based on financial and performance indicators from a chosen locality, including Fairfax. 

Entries were judged by a panel of government finance experts.  

“The whole concept is, ‘How do we make what cities, counties, states [and] even the nation do with the taxpayer dollars easier to understand for those who are paying the taxes into it?’ How do you communicate with citizens? So, the focus of this student report is obviously focused on the citizens themselves,” said Jon Stehle, Fairfax City Councilman.

Officials said the report is intended to contribute to Fairfax City’s transparency and accountability, showing areas the city is exceeding and identifying areas of growth.

“This push to make it easier to understand, easier to look at and to see the story we are telling as a city is the focus,” said Stehle.

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