Unsolicited absentee applications mailed to Virginia residents with wrong return address

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VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Many Virginia residents reported receiving absentee ballot applications that they didn’t request. Many of those applications had the wrong return address.

The mailings were sent by a group called the Center for Voter Information, a non-profit aimed at increasing voter participation for underrepresented groups.

An estimated 2.25 million of these inaccurate ballots were mailed out across the state, with a quarter of them containing the wrong return address.

The affected areas are Fairfax County, Franklin County, Richmond County and Roanoke County. The Fairfax County Office of the Registrar spent all day talking to concerned voters.

“Staff here today has spent all day doing nothing more than fielding questions from voters who are concerned that this was some sort of scam or voter suppression activity, rather than just a simple error on the part of some group trying to do good,” said Gary Scott, Director of Elections for the Fairfax County Government.

The printer company for the Center for Voter Information, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap Company, released a statement earlier today taking the blame for the misprint. They said that they failed to check a spreadsheet that aligned with the voter to their local election office.

“We made a major error in our printing. We sent voters in eight Virginia jurisdictions a vote by mail application with a reply envelope addressed to the wrong jurisdiction. The mistake occurred because we incorrectly aligned a spreadsheet that matched the voter with their local election office,” the statement said.

If you have already applied for an absentee ballot, you do not need to apply for another one. They will be mailed out September 18.


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