Flannery is the top vote getter in Franklin County Commissioner Race

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The votes have been counted in Tuesday’s primary elections in Pennsylvania, and John Flannery and Dave Keller are the County Commissioner general election candidates on the Republican side.
“I’m very optimistic. I think we’ve won a great campaign. I think I have a great campaign staff, and I thank them for the wonderful work they’ve done over the last four months,” said Flannery.
In total, six candidates were running for the chance at three seats. Each party had two winners that could advance to the general election. On the Democratic side, incumbent Bob Ziobrowski and Sheri Morgan automatically move on since they were the only two on the ballot.
On the Republican side, there were four candidates for two spots on the November ballot, with two incumbents running against two newcomers. Bob Thomas, an incumbent, believed he had a good track record serving the constituents of Franklin County.

“I’m always good at listening to problems and coming up with solutions, and trust me, I’ve got a long record of coming up with solutions to problems,” said Thomas.
While John Flannery, a newcomer, ran because he thought it was time for a change in leadership for Franklin County.

“Sometimes, it gets frustrating with some of the things that go on at the county level. In business, I don’t have the luxury of raising taxes to create funds to do things for capital improvements in my business. Our current commissioners can do that, and have been doing that,” said Flannery.
Thomas says even though he lost, he will still be active in the community.
“I’m engaged in a lot of community activities and a lot of organizations, and my intention is that I would continue to be active,” said Thomas.

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