Educating faith groups on land use rights


The first of its kind in Montgomery County, a forum based on religious land use.

Unlike many areas, Montgomery County doesn’t have a separate zone for religion.

But, where it gets tricky is identifying whether the faith group is residential or commercial.

This label is determined by how many people are in the religious community, and residential and commercial labels have different costs and rules.

Members of the Justice Department educated locals part of a faith-based group on their constitutional rights.

“Very often, when communities buy or are getting involved with renovation, it’s easy to feel that they’re being discriminated against because they have never experienced anything like this, where they may have come from,” said Rev. Mansfield Kaseman, Interfaith Community Liaison.

The Justice Department emphasized the importance of asking the right questions to the right people before making any decisions on buying land.

Real estate agents and county government officials attended the forum to introduce themselves to members of different faith communities.

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