Driver’s license? There’s an app for that!

Last year, Maryland unveiled its new driver’s license with ground-breaking security features; this year, it’s going digital.
“We’re really excited about Maryland’s Digital Driver’s License Pilot Program,” said Christine Nizer, Motor Vehicle Administrator. “The idea is that we have 400 participants [of] state employees and their family members who are testing out this new technology.”
Here’s how it works: A downloaded app on your cell phone presents you with three options based on how you’re using your license — law enforcement, proof of age and TSA — select and then scan.
“With a digital driver’s license, you’re only verifying what they need to see,” said Nizer.
Unlike the tangible copy, the digital version omits certain pieces of your personal information considered unnecessary to the situation, so in some cases, your address or height and weight.
In order to use the digital driver’s license, both parties involved must have the software. 
During the pilot, it’s free for the participants; Nizer said it’s hard to anticipate what the cost will be going forward.
Before you media-savvy folks get too excited, remember this is not a replacement for your traditional license; it’s only an addition for mainly security and convenience purposes.
Maryland is one of five states participating in the pilot program.

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