A routine traffic stop turned into a much more serious situation early morning on January 2.

Four troopers were pulled over on I-270 northbound dealing with a potential drunk driver when suddenly another car came right at them.

That car was driven by 80-year-old Albert Bishop, who crashed into the traffic stop.

However, aside from several traffic citations, Bishop has not been arrested or charged with a crime at this time and his actions are believed to have been accidental.

The damage to those three cruisers will cost thousands of dollars and they will be out of commission for repairs.

“They were all not drivable and had to be towed back to that barrack,” said Captain Daniel Pickett. “We were lucky that no one was injured in the incident. The investigation, it is still under investigation but I can tell you that impairment was not a factor in this collision.”

Bishop was transported to a local hospital as a precaution and was cited for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle as well as negligent driving.