Donald Trump stops in Ashburn


In Virginia, thousands of people joined Donald Trump for a campaign event in Loudon, and some of them will be voting for the first time.

The line wrapped all the way around Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, many getting there hours before the doers even opened.

“Probably around 6:30,” said Trump supporter, Charles Neadham.

“We got here about 5:30,” added Katie Bryson, another Trump supporter.

All to see Donald J. Trump take the stage on his campaign trail in Virginia, where he greeted only about one thousand of the thousands who crowded the doors to get into the 1,267 seat auditorium.

“We’re going to put America first, we’re going to start winning again, we are going to make America great again,” Trump stated to a roaring crowd.

He started off by bringing up a former lieutenant who Trump said gave him his Purple Heart medal before the event, and continued by introducing his son, Eric, who sung his father’s praises.

“I’ve learned so much from this man – he’s been such an incredible father, and meant to and boss,” the younger Trump said.

Although, some weren’t as prepared to support Trump just yet.

A group of about eight 18 year olds said they were there to decide if Trump is the right option, after their favorite, Bernie Sanders, dropped out.

“I think as a whole, we’re not very connected with the political spectrum but we’re interested in learning, and as we will be voting this November, we thought it would be a good time to get informed,” said Arya Sivadhanam.

According the Pew Research Center, Millennials who are of age to vote this year now make up an equal portion of the American electorate as Baby Boomers (31%). But many of these new voters,  like Sivadhanam and his friends are searching for someone else to vote for now that Bernie Sanders is no longer an option.

These young men are like 55% of Millennials in America  who “felt the bern,” according to a May Gallup poll. That same poll says Trump supports between ages 18 and 25 are defying the trend, given that 38% of Millennials polled supported Hillary Clinton and only 22% backed Trump.  

One of them said Trump represents what many millennial want in a presidential candidate.

“The millennial characteristic is looking for something a little bit different, something that breaks the norm of the “politician spectrum,” and, in a way, Trump does represent that,” said Kaushik Venkatesh.

Whereas Hillary Clinton doesn’t fit their mold.

“You always feel that she’s lying about something or hiding something from her past,” said Rahul Soni

Some of things this group heard…well, most have heard them before.

“We’re going to have strong borders, we’re going to have a wall, Mexico is going to pay fro the wall, Trump said, adding that “we’re” going to use Caterpillar brand tractors to do so.

And other things Trump said might sound new, like Trump’s announcement that his campaign has apparently raised $35 million from 60 thousand donors, with the average donation being $61.

He contrasted this with the claim the Hillary Clinton raised millions as well, but received that money from about 20 donors.

But others after the rally weren’t impressed by money.

Demonstrators outside included veterans, who said the controversy surrounding Trump’s comments about the Kahn family, whose son was an American soldier killed in the line of duty, are reprehensible.

The event also a small share of controversy – at one point , thirteen people, some of whom were wearing shirts saying “Islam Peace” and “Black Lives Matter” were escorted out after they turned their backs to the stage while Trump was speaking.

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