Doctors say use caution when shoveling outside


With the snow-coming down,  doctors say one of their biggest concern is people exerting themselves more than they normally would– which can place a strain on your heart.

“If you’re shoveling snow and you feel indigestion, chest pressure, tightness, a squeezing, immediately stop”, said Neil Roy M.D., Meritus Hospital.

Doctors say heart burn, even the heart burn you’ve felt before is always bad when shoveling.

Back injuries are also a concern for doctors because people fail to life snow properly on a shovel.

“Lift from you legs and not from your back. Keep your back straight, bend at the knees and shovel as much as you can,” said Neil Roy M.D., Meritus Hospital.

Experts say any period of prolong exposure puts you at risk for a cold related illness like hyperthermia, so do your best to dress properly.

“Always dress in layers and dress warmly and once a layer gets wet, come back in take it off make sure to wear gloves, boots and good socks. If your socks become moist they can really become a factor for getting cold related injuries,” said Neil Roy M.D., Meritus Hospital.

Doctors say no matter your age or how healthy you are if you feel any discomfort anywhere along your torso while out shoveling or working, just stop.

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