Digging out: Hagerstown’s snow removal plan


Two days after the biggest snow storm Hagerstown has seen in the last several years, city crews are still struggling to clear streets and sidewalks.

“It’s messed up, you know? They need to do much better in Hagerstown, because Montgomery County is good; Hagerstown is not,” resident Mike John told WHAG on Monday.

“Right now, out priority is just getting all of our streets open,” said Erin Wolfe, the public information officer for the city of Hagerstown. “Our goal is to get one passable lane on each of our city streets.”

However, the sheer volume of snow is presenting a challenge.

“My neighborhood is kind of messed up,” said John, who was walking alongside one of the main roads when he spoke to a WHAG reporter.

“The plow truck came in and he got stuck, and then they called the tractor in and he got stuck, so they just left it alone. You can’t get out of my neighborhood. so everyone is walking right now.”

With many sidewalks still covered in snow, residents, like John, are walking in the streets.

“We just ask the public to be a little bit safer when driving and just kind of watch out for [pedestrians],” said Officer Mike Anderson. “Just because of the fact that there is no where other for them to go.”

If you have to walk in the street, police are asking pedestrians to wear reflective clothing, especially at night.

Anderson, who spent half of his life in Alaska, told WHAG the city reminds him more of the arctic tundra, than a city in Maryland, but “it is getting better,” he said. “The community is really coming together to help one another.”

City officials are not requiring people to move their vehicles off the streets, but they have opened up free parking for the week in the city’s parking decks, to help give people a place to put their vehicles, while they dig themselves out.

Officials have not announced when snow removal will begin on city streets, but they say that will become a priority once main arteries are opened.

Wolfe also noted that clean up crews will start getting to work on the city’s alley ways once the main roads become usable.

The free parking decks are available for both Hagerstown residents and those commuting downtown for work.

Parking deck #1: The University District Parking Deck is a 440 space parking garage adjacent to City Hall, located on 25 N. Potomac Street.

Parking deck #2: The Arts & Entertainment District Parking Deck is a 185 space parking garage in the heart of the City’s Arts & Entertainment District, located on 25 Renaissance Way.

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