Democrats in Washington County hold panel discussion about presidential candidates


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Democrats in Washington County have started a dialogue about all the Democratic presidential candidates running with the goal of defeating President Donald Trump.

“There’s so many and I don’t know frankly, but the one thing we want to do is we can’t afford four more years of what we have,” said Thomas Ruhf, president of the United Democrats of Washington County.

The United Democrats of Washington County club held a panel discussion where representatives and supporters of some of the candidates came to talk about why they support their candidate of choice.

“We want to start the process of people learning about the issues, learning about what candidates are backing or pushing certain issues,” said Eric Schwartz, UDWC board member.

Those on the panel supported different candidates running for office for different reasons. There were representatives from different candidates including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Julian Castro, and Pete Buttigieg to name a few.

Even though more than 20 Democrats are running, local Democrats want to come together to support the best candidate they believe has the best chance at defeating President Trump.

“Whoever the candidate is needs to be forward-looking, we can’t just attack Trump, that doesn’t work, we just have to show we have thoughts, we’re going to do something and I’m going to convince you,” said Ruhf.

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