Delegate says he’s still in support of Trump, and potentially, Trump’s wall


In the last few days, some GOP leaders are saying Donald Trump is unfit to lead the country and is losing some support to Hillary Clinton.

Rumors are spreading of Trump’s campaign becoming frustrated with Trump going “off message,” although the candidate has said that his campaign has never been stronger.

Most recently, Trump all but threw a crying baby and it’s mother out of his rally on Tuesday in Ashburn, Va., adding to a firestorm of controversy that has been exacerbated by his comments toward a Muslim family who lost their son while he was serving the United States Military.

But one Virginia delegate, who said he doesn’t have comment on the Kahn controversy, said he still believes in Donald Trump.

“I don’t agree with everything Mr. Trump says, he is obviously not a polished candidate,” said delegate Dave LaRock (R-33) “but I have heard it said that the best leaders are not always the best candidates and I am not certain if that will prove to be true with Donald Trump, but we will see when and if it comes to that.”

LaRock said he hopes the “mass media will start focusing on important issues like immigration and security,” and said he appreciates Trump’s strong stance on those topics.

“I’m glad that he’s willing to deal with the issues that many people want to turn away from because they’re politically charged, so I’m glad, in general that he’s going to tackle those issues.”

When asked if he would support Trump’s wall between the United States and Mexico, LaRock said he would have to see the plans for the wall and admitted that he doesn’t know if a wall of that size would be feasible to build.

“But if that turns out to be the best way to secure the border, then I am certain I would support that, yes,” LaRock said. 

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