Some of the world’s finest museums are about to be affected by the ongoing government shutdown.

On Wednesday, January 2, Washington’s famous Smithsonian museums will officially be closed to the public.

The shutdown will also affect the National Zoo and its animal exhibits.

Many of the employees behind these attractions are considered federal workers and will join hundreds of other people whose jobs have been curtailed by the shutdown.

This news has been especially upsetting to visiting families who had planned to enjoy their holiday vacation in the nation’s capital.

“We are disappointed but we are making the most of it,” said Jeff Jordan, whose family drove to Washington DC all the way from Missouri. “We are excited about seeing DC, and all of the historical places and we are thankful for our nation. Thankful that we can show our kids more about DC but discouraged that there are some things we will not be able to see while we are here.”

Although the Smithsonian benefits from private funding, many of its programs are also made possible by federal appropriations.