Why social media outlets clean out fake profiles

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Across social media outlets, fake accounts are out there following everyday people. In July, Twitter released a statement that said they were removing certain accounts.

“The big problem that the social media companies have encountered is that people will create fake accounts or clone existing accounts with the sole intention of defrauding, people on the social media platforms into thinking they are somebody else so that they can get money out of them,” said Ken Buckler, owner of MyCore Benefits.

Twitter said they locked accounts that have made sudden changes in account behavior, and users would need to validate the account to unlock it.

“I think the twitter and Facebook social media count clean up to Twitter and Facebook that they are working on is a good thing as long as they don’t sweep up people who in that who have legitimate reasons for hiding their identity,” Buckler said.

Twitter said they wanted to build trust and promote healthy conversations with confidence that the numbers stand accurately. Other social media outlets have also taken similar actions.

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