The positives and negatives of cloud storage

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You may not realize it but when you save your pictures, video, or whatever to cloud storage, you’re sending your stuff off to what’s called a data or server farm.

“It’s basically, kind of like a hard drive but in a building with a bunch of other hard drives with a bunch of other storage,” Aaron Bumbarger, a technician at Computer Clinic said.

Meaning others are storing it for you, so there’s a chance someone else can see it. Technicians explain that’s how some celebrities got private pictures leaked a few years back.

“There is always an algorithm looking at your stuff. Whether it’s a computer algorithm or it’s a person peering at your stuff. Something is always looking at it so putting something inappropriate on there. There is always that chance, and that is anywhere. Even on your regular hard drive there is always a chance of someone looking at it or seeing it. Where it’s one person or millions of people,” Bumbarger said.

So what’s the plus side?  Experts say it’s the reliability because if you save something there you know it will be saved forever. They just warn that you do your research before trusting whatever provider you choose for cloud storage.

“You have to make sure you know your passwords. You have to make sure there’s backed up data on there. And if there is backed up data how often does that company get hacked or how often is there a security vulnerability,” Bumbarger said.

You can customize your settings to only save what you want onto it.

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