Safety tips for teens applying for jobs online for first time

Cybersafe Parent

Nowadays social media and online searching is the key to finding a first time job, and experts say that’s perfectly okay.

“Everybody uses a smart phone now. Not many people are on their desktops and it’s a very easy way to apply for jobs,” David Lakner, branch manager at Staffmark said.

But if you are new to the job search world, experts say there are some red flags to watch out for.

“One thing to look is make sure that it maintains a sense of professionalism. Once that goes away then you may have a red flag. Anytime money is asked for upfront, that’s a big one,” Lakner said.

And make sure you do your homework to verify the job is not a scam. Agencies recommend not giving any personal information out.

“Job postings should have a website or a company name so you can go look up the website and learn about the company if you can’t I would definitely think twice about applying for that job,” Lakner said.

Experts say one thing most people fall victim to is applying for a job that is simply too good to be true. They recommend people stay away from any ‘get money quick’ job postings.

“A lot of jobs post these hourly wages just to bring people in, but then when you do enough research you realize it’s really not that type of wage,” Lakner said.

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