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Malware is one of the many damaging things that can creep up on your computer, without you even knowing it.

We all want high-speed internet, but not at the cost of malware.

“People download pc tweekers that they think that the software is going to make… their pc run faster,”  said Aaron Bumbarger of The Computer Clinic. “90 percent of the time, it’s malware.”

Malware is any type of software that is meant to intrude or damage your computer. Here’s the tricky part. It disguises itself so well that many times, you don’t even know it’s there.

“You go online thinking you’re downloading something that is to help your computer, but it’s actually malware. You could be downloading something that says it removes viruses, but it actually is a virus,” Bumbarger said.

Technicians say most malware will advertise itself as being free, and ask you to download or install something. Once in, it can slow down your computer, stop the file system from operating or try to get access to your computer.

Malware could also put your personal information at risk of identity theft. Luckily, most antivirus software already on your computer can take care of it. But professionals recommend scanning your computer every day to make sure you’re in the clear.

“Virus scanning. Make sure your stuff again is updated, virus definitions are up to date. Whether it is Window Defender or Vas or Norton, just make sure it’s up to date every day,” Bumbarger said.

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