Make sure you have legit tickets to the biggest football game of the year

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It’s the biggest football game of the year and being able to attend is considered an opportunity of a lifetime.

“Man if I went all the way to Minneapolis and I found out that my tickets were fake. I’d probably cry,” Jason Dumas, a ticket holder said.

But with events like this there are always scammers ready to catch their victims.

“Not only tickets. People sell fake jerseys, fake memorabilia everything,” Dumas said.

And even if your tickets are the real deal, in this age of technology it may be tempting to show off your tickets to the big game but you may want to think twice.

“If you’re going to take a picture out of excitement, make sure you blur out the barcode. Or don’t have the barcode in the picture because with that barcode they can take your tickets and they can swipe them before you even get to the super bowl and then you get there and the people are going to get in there and tell you hey you can’t get in. You can’t use these tickets,” Dumas said.

If you’re like the rest of us watching the game at home or trying to stream it online, here are some tips to make sure you’re watching from a legitimate site.

“Don’t put your information on the first site that you come across because it very well could very well be a virus. Make sure that it has a reputation  and it’s been around for a little while,” Thomas Aguilera, cyber security lab assistant at Hagerstown Community College said.

Experts say doing a background check on the site and making sure its secured is the way to go…

“Looking up histories of if they’ve done past events like big MMA fights or other big football games,” Aguilera said.

For more tips on keeping children safe online, visit CyberSafe Parent.

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