Keeping kids safe online while school is out

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The arrival of summer means teens have more time to stay connected online.

“You’re going to be online, but we want to protect you,” Christine fields, an AT&T sales associate said.

One way is through AT&T Smart links. The service gives parents the control to block unfamiliar numbers and limit everything from texting to making phone calls during specific times of the day.

“It will let the parent know about phone activity. You’ll get weekly alerts. You’ll get notifications,” Fields said.

“I don’t think you can ever be too involved. Honestly. I think it’s great whenever I see people come in here. Not just getting an I-Phone and handing it right to them, but taking the necessary steps,” Sharonaka Earp, an AT&T sales associate consultant said.

Earp is keeping her two year old away from the technology world for now, and thinking of ways to keep him safe in the future.

“I want to think that we are helping him by sheltering him from that, but I know once he starts school it’s constantly I-pads and tablets and laptops now so I’m hoping we will be able to find a happy medium until he gets introduced to that,” Earp said.

However, there are apps reminding new drivers to keep their eyes on the road and off their phones.

“AT&T has a free app that actually disables the phone, when you are driving 15 miles per hour. And it also gives parents a piece of mind because they will get a text that the app is turned off and other safety features,” Fields said.

You might find your teen exploring free ways to watch things online now that they have more time on your hands. Whether it’s to watch World Cup games or check out hit movies, there ways to watch without downloading viruses to your devices.

“Go watch it where platforms like Direct TV Now and Netflix, I can find my favorite TV shows and movies,” Fields said.

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