Keep your data safe, change your passwords

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Almost everything requires a user name and password, and it is for good reason; however, it can be hard to keep track of all those passwords.


They are the keys to social media accounts, school log-ins and work emails. With just one password, your entire life can be easy pickings for hackers. That’s why technicians recommend using different ones for different accounts.

“My dog’s he likes to run, so for 0 you can you can make it a zero. For D you can make it a 3. Something like that,” Barry Arendt, owner think EZ I.T. said.

If it sounds like something too hard to keep track of there are apps that can hold all your passwords to keep them organized.

“You set one strong password. Unfortunately if you forget that password, to get into your password keeper, you’re out of luck to get into all your other stuff,” Arendt said.

Technicians also suggest utilizing two-factor authentication coding whenever possible to stop hackers for getting by without you knowing.

“If they get your password you’ll get a notification that someone is trying to get into your account and then you know that hey, someone is trying to get into my account but my two-factor authentication prevented that from happening,” Arendt said.

Experts recommend changing your password every 30 to 90 days.

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